Does anyone know how to zoom/pan up full body from leg to head?


Hi everyone, I’m writing a story and I am not sure how you pan up a characters body.

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Basically what you need to do is find a spot at the bottom character where you want to start the zoom using the zoom helper and paste that into your script. Then you pick another spot along the same y-axis at the top of your character where you want the zoom to end and place that in your script with how fast you want the zoom to happen.

Example: (These aren’t the actual numbers.)
@zoom on 15 125 to 200% in 0
@zoom on 225 125 to 200% in 5

This would move straight up the character at the same zoom percent in 5 seconds.

I can help you!

Please send halp, I’m a fail, I can’t find the zoom helper >.<


Sending Help @uchuuneko


Hi! I noticed you needed help and I’m sorry if I’m too late but I have the real numbers and everything. Here’s the script if the character is standing on the right side of the screen-
@zoom on 308 30 to 600% in 0
@zoom on 308 400 to 600% in 7
@zoom reset
Of course you can adjust it to the speed you want (7 is the speed one) of how it goes.
Hope this helps!!:kissing_heart::two_hearts:


how about if the character is standing on the left


Learn how to do it here :slight_smile:


Thank you so much! <3


thanks this really helped


This worked, but my character in standing screen right… XD It keeps going to screen left