Does anyone know of someone that is currently taking cover requests?


Anyone, that eighter takes cover request (sound, warning backrounds)?


I am


Would you be able to please show me some examples?


yeah. lol my computer is terrible. lemme take 10 min.


Of course, let me know!


ugh. Hold on. Gosh I need to delete some stuff



I’m in Episode Studio.


They look awesome! Would you be able to make a sound/music backround? As if the characters both have earplugs in each ear as a backround?


yeah. Can you send screenshots of the character/s in the poses you want?


This is my examples…:wink:
If you are interested just let me know


Yes, sorry I was trying to spot the characters & get a hold of a backround Would you be able to make it seem as if the FEMALE is holding onto the male like a piggyback ride while they both have earphones on?:

here’s a second image if you needed the legs^


I can help with the custom pose

But i understand if you dont want cuz in terrible


@EpisodeFierra is taking cover requests too


Hi could you do a cover for my story “this game of hearts!” PM me!! IT WOULD MEAN ALOT XOXOOXOXOXO




Thanks, Its about a girl called Anna
It’s cuztiomable so can you just make a random girl in any outfit you want using the idle_sad amation?


send all the details


@Gina123 can you send me the character details the author name the story titile


Ok @linalilly10
Author name : GinaPlaysGames
Character Details : Long blonde straight hair, blue eyes and pale skin.
Story title : This Game of Hearts
Bakground : Blue

Thanks so much