Does anyone know some background makers to use frequently?

Hello! Im new here and dont have much idea about bg’s but it’s really hard to write a story without suitable backgrounds so i was wondering if anyone know a few good background makers from whom i can use backgrounds and coding templates frequently? (like throughout my entire story)

2 Likes has a lot of useful templates, and Episode Life has a lot of backgrounds! The website will tell you who you need to credit if it’s needed!


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You should check Epi Rebellion and Episode Luxe on Instagram, they have a lot of backgrounds in their drives.

And here are some backgrounds makers on forums:


thank you sm! :heart:


thank you smm!! :heart:

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There are several groups and creators that have drives or Patreons.

Groups on Instagram with Free Drives
Episode Rebellion
Episode Axiom

Patreons or KoFi Drives for Backgrounds
Dana I Nana


Thanks mate! I have free and paid backgrounds :smile:

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I’m background artist for game/ web comic, I’ll gathered my non licensed background in one drive later

Thank you for mentioning :heart:

thank you :heart:

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thank you sm!!! :heart: