Does anyone know the name of this story?

I am trying to find a story that I cannot remember the name of, does anyone know it? It is about a girl and she has to pick between three guys, which is a common plot. I remember that one of the guys was her best friend and another one was her best friends crush. They all loved soccer and even played it once or twice in the story and I believe it took place somewhere in Europe, Great Britain or maybe Ireland. Does anyone know of this story?


Do you know which one? I looked and the one I looked at were not it.

Tangled love? I don’t know. I have OCD so I will figure it out

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Starstruck or Lovestruck?
Although I only remember one character in Lovestruck being into soccer (if I’m even remembering that correctly) so that probably isn’t it.

Lovestruck. I had forgotten the name. It probably isn’t that though.

Its not Lovestruck. I thought that is what it was, too so I started reading it, but it wasn’t the one I was talking about. I think the character thats the best friends crush is named Leo is something like that.

Just a Friend to You? Although again, I don’t think that’s right either. I don’t remember a Leo and the third love interest comes in quite late in the story.

I just read the first chapter and I don’t think that Just A Friend To You is it.

Thank you so much and I don’t think it is that one.

I’m pretty sure the author had some kind of accent, you could tell in the story. I think the story was in Episode’s Picks or something like that before the update. And the characters may have lived together I think. I think they went to a soccer game once or twice.

Friends with benefits?

Yeah, it’s friends with benefits. Thank you so much to everyone that helped. I highly recommend this story. Again, thank you so much.

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