Does anyone know this episode story?

Does anyone know the episode story where the main character is like a fashion/magazine model, and her best friend gets into a car crash and finds out that she has two big tumours. The friend dies, and the main character ends up falling for the friends boyfriend…for some reason I think the best friends name is Georgia but I might be wrong, that’s literally all I can remember

Can you remember if it’s Classic, Ink or Limelight? That might help people! x

it’s limelight

I think It’s- The Day I Said Goodbye


omg yes! thank you so much!

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I’m wondering if anyone know which story this is….
I believe I read it a few years ago… don’t remember much, but there was two love interests (both male). Close to the end of the story, the girl chooses to move to a (cabin? Or she lived in the woods all by herself…). When she finally decides to come back and face everyone, both love interests are married (or already have a girlfriend), and their gf have some of the same features the main character has.

The night when the main character came back, she fell asleep… and both boys came and visit her while she’s asleep, so she didn’t get to meet them.

Sorry this is all over the place… :cry: if u have any idea please tell me!! I remember crying after reading this, I wanna find it and re-read it.