Does anyone know were i can find these backgrounds

Does anyone know were you can find the backgrounds that was just used from “End game” by episode.betha

Can you screen shot them?

Ive already read the chapter xx

it was like an animated bedroom from like a castle

Well idk?

okays thanks anyway

Maybe ask her? like the writer

i will and i found this its the best i can do for showing the background

ill try to find it but im not sure that ill find it

okay thank you

omg thank you so much r they yours?x

no. they are episode own

really i cant find them in the background thing, were can i find them just for looking x

it is cause it is a secreth background. there have not been shared,


ohhhh do you know were i can find other secret backgrounds x

click on the last one. that is where i get them

thank you so much who do i credit

AHHH you just opened my eyessss

properly episode and dara who have shared them