Does anyone know what animation this would be?

It looks like the author used limb overlays to make that pose. There isn’t one like that in the portal, unfortunately

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That’s a custom pose made by the author of the story, not an actual animation.

yeahh but do you know like the animation for that face?

yeah ty i meant like the facial expression

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It doesn’t really exist either. She moved around the character’s face to make that expression. But the closest thing to that facial expression is the end of the yawning animation, I guess. I hope this helps! :grin:


ohh yeahh ik but do you know an animation with the same face?

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thank you so much you did help :slight_smile:

To make the same you have to create overlays that you will add to your story : the closest for the face is the yawn one and for the arms you have to scroll through animations and search one and make it into an overlay


Yup, like others have mentioned, the very end of yawn_bored is the closest you’ll get to it :white_heart:

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