Does Anyone Know What Has Happened To This Author?

So uhh, you already saw the topic.

Does anyone know what had happened to Katelyn Mo? (the author of Love and Law, an INK comedy-drama story.)

After I stalked followed her on IG, I noticed that her last recent post is on January 2019. :thinking: But her IG account was not deactivated or anything, no statements of discontinuing the story in her Episode story and on IG.

It would be a total bummer if she already says that the story was discontinued, I just wanna know if she already stated that the story had been discontinued or anything. :sweat_smile: It was a good story! :pleading_face:

If anyone knows what happened to her, please tell me! :cowboy_hat_face:

by :cheese: :bacon: :pizza:.


I have no idea, sorry :sweat:


It’s okay lol, I think she’s a small author :sweat_smile:

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You can DM her on Instagram or if she is on the forums, try to PM her and find out! x

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I’ve actually dmed her on IG a lot of times, but, she didn’t read it or being active :sweat_smile:

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Oh that’s weird, then. Wait and see if more people reply to the thread

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Is that her episode name?

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Yeah, I think. (her author’s name on the app)

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A lot of authors get busy with something in their personal lives and just put Episode on the back-burner. That’s probably what happened. She’s too busy for Episode

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That’s what I was thinking too, looks like she was really busy. :disappointed_relieved:

If that’s the case, then it’s sad (bummer), her story was amazing and I was hoping to read the next chapter… :cry:

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