Does anyone know what overlay this uses?

I’ve been seeing some writers manage to overlay characters to where their behind walls, kinda like this: 34%20PM If anyone knows how to do this, please explain to me, thx you!

You’ll need to make an overlay of whatever is front of it.
For that background, here is an example.
I made the door transparent, and added the dresser as an overlay in zone 1 at layer 2
My character will be in layer 0, so they are behind the dresser!

Thx so much, I’ll try it out later!

Wait, may you explain it some more please? I’m actually pretty confused.

So basically, the overlay will added to the background, and you’ll have to shift it so it is in the correct spot.

Once you have the overlay in the correct spot, you need to put it in layer 1, place your character in layer 0 so they will be BEHIND the overlay, appearing as if they are behind the wall, when they are just behind the overlay :slight_smile:

Omg, thx you very much! ^^