Does anyone know what tasks you can do on a pirate ship?

Does anybody know what people do on pirate ships? My MC just started working on the ship and I need the LI to tell her a few tasks to do. So far all I have is clean the cannons, scrub the deck and lookout :joy:

Does anybody know what other tasks she can be given? And maybe where on the boat that can be. It’ll help the authenticity, as well, because the background pirates won’t just be standing in the middle of the ship doing nothing haha

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I remember a task on a story where you helped the chef cook

other then that this is what I found on google: As general crew, you’re responsible for the hands-on work that gets done on deck. That means you’ll be helping with tasks like cargo operations, berthing and unberthing, equipment maintenance, vessel maintenance, handling deck machinery and possibly assisting with navigation .


Oh my god thank you!! I actually love you

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Awe shucks :relaxed:
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