Does anyone know what the cuddling animation for ink is called?

If anyone knows what the cuddling animation is called for ink, it would b helpful if you could tell me.

do you mean hug_rear?

I know how to do it with overlays when they’re sleeping? I can give it to you if you like.

Are you talking about sleep_sitting?

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That would be great if you could.

Is it female and male? If so, what’s the male’s skin tone?

Male and his skin tone is tan.

@overlay TAN ARM create
@overlay TAN ARM shifts to -106 184
@overlay TAN ARM scales to .43 .43
@overlay TAN ARM opacity 1
@overlay TAN ARM moves to layer 9
&FEMALE spot 1.174 154 149 AND ALEX faces left AND FEMALE is sleep_sitting
&MALE spot 1.313 12 145 AND MALE faces right AND MALE is sleep_sitting
&FEMALE moves to layer 7

Arm Overlay

You can credit my insta for the overlay, @epi.belpix

Thanks so much.

Np. Tell me what your story is/ when it’s published so I can read it!

K, It’s gonna be called Missing Love and I recently started it so it will be a bit.

Thanks again

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Any time! Let me know if you need any coding help