Does anyone know what the episode warning background is called?

Hi so i’m pretty stupid and looking for that black and orange episode warning background but can’t find it in the background section of the writers portal.

Anyways, it says “WARNING this story may contain mature themes and strong languages”.
If anyone could help me find it, THANK YOU SO MUCH AND SORRY. FOR BEING AN IDIOT.

Here’s what it looked like from my memory (and please excuse my insultingly awful art skills and my disgusting handwriting)


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It’s weird sometimes it’ll show up other times it won’t but here’s the bg


Oh my god THANK YOU so much I literally LOVE YOU. God has answered my prayers. I’ve been looking for this for SO long. I hope you have a real good life, buddy.

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ahaah of ourse, love! Glad I could help <33

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I hope you have a VERY nice life and thanks for saving my dumb brain

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