Does anyone know what this means? It won’t let me preview

I don’t understand what this means

I’ve tried refreshing the page and re starting my laptop.
There are also no errors apart from one of my backgrounds which are in review.

I get that a lot (:

It either means =

  • Error in the system (Not your script)
  • Poor WiFi connection
  • The system needs a little while to think about what u just clicked on (It is basically loading)
  • It just needs restarting
  • Episode Glitch

To Try Sort It =

  • Restart the tab u are using
  • Restart the device u are using
  • Shut down the device u are using, wait 20secs or so then turn back on
  • Send a support ticket to episode
  • Check/Sort your WiFi connection

Hopefully one of these will work for u (:

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Thank you!! I’ll give them a go. I’ll let you know if it works :slight_smile:

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Good Luck :crossed_fingers: (:

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Ooo I got it to work

I had to shut down my laptop and start it again :slight_smile:

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Party Time! :partying_face:

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