Does anyone know what to use?

When Im trying to make a splash or cover for my story I screenshot my episode character in episode edit characters. But theres always a white line/ whatever colored background surrounding my characters limbs. Kinda Like an Outline but except its pixels and its ugly. Is there a way to get the background transparent?

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I personally cut it out by hand since I don’t trust BG removers for that reason :see_no_evil:

You can use picsart, or any drawing app for that.

I would also if you hadn’t done that yet take a screen shot through the app for better quality.


Have you tried this site- Remove Background from Image –

yea thats what im trying to do rn in ibis paint but its taking a while


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Maybe try that and see if you still get the white line. :woman_shrugging:


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If that one doesn’t work for you, there’s also this- Adobe Photoshop Express but I don’t use this one as much as the first.

alright tysm

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You’re welcome. Hopefully there’s one that doesn’t have the annoying line.

ah! Tysm it worked!!

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Great! :relaxed: