Does anyone know where I can find a modest living room?


I need a modest living room for a family that lives in a small town and doesn’t have a lot of money. Does anyone have something that fits that description?

I’ll credit you in my story. :slight_smile:


I can make you one if you’d like?


Thanks! I’d like it to have simple furniture, nothing too luxurious.


Ok, do you want episode style or real life styled? Both Would Be Done Today Or Tomorrow


Episode style is fine. :slight_smile:


Would you like a night version too?


Yes, please.


This isn’t how your couch will look with cleaner edges, and do t mind the black do you want me to continue in this style or do the more realistic one?


Let me see what the Episode style looks like first and then I’ll let you know if I it in the realistic style. :slight_smile:


Sorry I forgot to upload it lmao


Don’t mind the black, my attempt to make it easier to see the couch than a white background


This is a realistic example. If you want something like this ask @teahwalker!


I think I’d like a realistic one… those examples are amazing¡