Does anyone know where I can find this overlay

the error says I need the overlay 6AND9 BARSTOOL does anyone know where I can find it
[ I found the rest of the overlays here : @amepisode ]

template (I altered it a bit) :

INT. SIXES AND NINES BAR - DAY with SIXES AND NINES BAR to 1.089 -17 -13 in zone 1 at layer 1 with 6AND9 BARSTOOL to 3.488 101 93 in zone 1 at layer 2

readerMessage credits to @amepisode for the background and overlays

readerMessage script template written by @beesepisode

@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND33
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND1
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND5
@add Red Cup to NEWSLADY
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND7
@add Red Cup to BACKGROUND9

@zoom on 0 0 to 100% in 0
@cut to zone 1

@overlay GUITAR create
@overlay GUITAR opacity 1 in 0
@overlay GUITAR shifts to 161 293 in zone 3
@overlay GUITAR scales to 0.322 0.322
@overlay GUITAR moves to layer 2
@overlay GUITAR rotates -75 anchor point 0.5 0.5 in 0

@BACKGROUND28 spot 0.552 190 287 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND28 moves to layer 0 AND BACKGROUND28 is nod_loop AND BACKGROUND28 faces left AND BACKGROUND7 faces left AND BACKGROUND7 spot 0.835 210 41 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND7 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND7 is talk_airquotes AND BACKGROUND7 faces right AND BACKGROUND8 spot 0.835 293 28 in zone 1 AND BACKGROUND8 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND8 is nod_loop AND BACKGROUND8 faces left AND BACKGROUND33 spot 0.438 169 311 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND33 faces right AND BACKGROUND33 is talk_sit AND BACKGROUND33 moves to layer 0 AND BACKGROUND1 spot 0.482 67 314 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND1 faces right AND BACKGROUND1 is idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND1 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND2 spot 0.44 118 319 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND2 is idle_sit_slouch AND BACKGROUND2 moves to layer 2 AND BACKGROUND2 faces right AND BACKGROUND3 spot 0.464 212 309 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND3 faces right AND BACKGROUND3 is idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND3 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND4 spot 0.481 266 311 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND4 faces right AND BACKGROUND4 is idle_sit_ankles_crossed AND BACKGROUND4 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND5 spot 0.636 206 166 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND5 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND5 is nod_loop AND BACKGROUND5 faces left AND BACKGROUND6 spot 0.572 150 177 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND6 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND6 is talk_neutral_deny AND BACKGROUND6 faces right AND BACKGROUND9 spot 0.835 307 7 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND9 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND9 is dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND9 faces right AND BACKGROUND10 spot 0.771 50 98 in zone 2 AND BACKGROUND10 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND10 is dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND10 faces right AND KENJI spot 0.478 179 348 in zone 3 AND KENJI moves to layer 1 AND KENJI faces left AND KENJI is play_airguitar_loop AND BACKGROUND11 spot 0.835 113 -75 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND11 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND11 is dance_phone_raise_loop AND BACKGROUND11 faces right AND BACKGROUND12 spot 0.835 203 -51 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND12 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND12 is dance_groove_loop AND BACKGROUND13 spot 0.578 282 232 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND13 moves to layer 3 AND BACKGROUND13 is dance_hands_up_loop AND BACKGROUND13 faces right AND BACKGROUND14 spot 0.578 154 205 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND14 moves to layer 2 AND BACKGROUND14 is dance_kpop AND BACKGROUND14 faces left AND BACKGROUND15 spot 0.579 45 245 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND15 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND15 is dance_drop_it AND BACKGROUND15 faces right AND BACKGROUND16 spot 0.579 210 182 in zone 3 AND BACKGROUND16 moves to layer 1 AND BACKGROUND16 is dance_groove_loop AND BACKGROUND16 faces right

Depends on what it looks like.

These are the barstools that go with my sixes and nines bar.

I have that overlay saved, but its not in the template

Then I’ve no idea.