Does anyone know where I can get backgrounds

Hi, can anyone tell me where I can get a school hallway background because the one on the episode is a bit boring, I need for my story and id be happy to credit people, I need one with lockers that would be great! Thanks!

Thanks so much, but I couldn’t find what I was looking for, but I will be using this

here is this something? I don’t know who the creator is

Thanks so much, this is perfect! what do I credit you as?

u have to credit the creator of the background.

where did u find the background.

Uhm Someone had it on the forum? I don’t remember

Can you send me the link of where you found this please

Make sure u write things down so u wont forget where u found it. :blush::muscle:🖒 :wink:


check on if u see the background there, make sure u click it, then scroll down under that background, u will see informaton about the creators rules.

the background is not on there

i found it @shellyg made it

ok good. so u can credit @shellyg.

Solved and closed. Happy you were able to find a perfect bg!