Does anyone know where to find a runny mascara overlay?

Please help me I’ve been looking for one for a while :sneezing_face: :sweat_smile:
I’d really appreciate it! :two_hearts: :blob_hearts:

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Ask one of the artist

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Alexa have some in her drive.


Hey, @winter25 I’ve some smudge mascara in 3 colours blue, black and red (for horror effect :joy:)

You’ll find them in overlay-> face filters -> tears

Wanna check out my drive… if you use any of them then credit me on my Instagram, @orangeweedie.episode :wink: and read the rules first :heart:


@sharastories on Instagram has these in her drive!

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thank you :blob_hearts:

thank you sm :two_hearts:

Hey I went to go find them but once I got to overlays there was this :

after that I couldn’t do anything :frowning:

I’m so sorry for the trouble…

You can use them… From here… And please don’t forget to credit me on my Instagram @orangeweedie.episode

Click these Arrows


Untitled8_20200601115409-1 Untitled8_20200601115001-1 Untitled8_20200601120225-1


Untitled8_20200601114117-1 Untitled8_20200601114015-1 pv1_back_TEAR_BLUSH_FILTER_EYE_6719550356914176_ab3473923e4cf45701bb656dd0592674-1 pv1_back_TEAR_BLACK_FILTER_5390786323742720_ab3473923e4cf45701bb656dd0592674-1 pv1_back_TEAR_BLACK_FILTER_EYE_6640750155726848_ab3473923e4cf45701bb656dd0592674-1 Untitled8_20200601114106-1 pv1_back_TEAR_BLACK_FILTER_LEFT_6254639642247168_ab3473923e4cf45701bb656dd0592674-1 Untitled8_20200601114041-1 Untitled8_20200601120242-1 Untitled8_20200601120229-1