Does anyone know where to find those different filters?

heyy I’ve noticed that they’re filters that arent on episode could someone give me an example on picture and how to do them I’ve seen different filters on stories please help me

You could upload a PNG version of see threw colors.

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that’s not what I’m looking for

Well, on the side on the previewer, theres the show helpers, and then more helpers, HSL filters is wear you can mess around with the hue, saturation and such,

And then there are overlays you can upload looking like this
Which can be customize to your liking.

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yeah that’s helpful but I’m looking for something else there’s this author that puts her filter darker and she said it wasn’t an overlay it’s called Watch my six I don’t have an example though so thanks anyway

Umm… its the HSL thing. You have to physically mess around with it. I mentioned that, and its not on overlay.

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how would I use it?

Open the previewer, hit show helpers, then more helpers. Theres an option called HSL filters, which you want to hit. Hit one of the options, ‘Hue’ ‘Saturation’ ‘Lightness’ or ‘opacity’. Once you hit them, click and drag your mouse to the right of the screen to increase them. To lower them, click and drag your mouse to the left. You have to mess with them yourself, and copy it into your script.

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thank you so much!

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