Does anyone know which scipct includes the Wavy Princess Braid?

I need help on a scipct. I don’t know if there is one but I’ve seen other people use these different hairstyles in there storys when they let you customize your character. I tryed finding the hairstyle but I coudn’t find it. Can someone help me?

You mean change a characters hair style on the script?
Or just overall on your default character

yeah the hairstyle I want people to use is the Wavy Princess Braid for there character, but I don’t know which scipct and I already looked. :confused:

Of you want to change the MC hair to a certain style when the readers customised her just do so :point_down:
@CHARACTERNAME changes hair into Wavy Princess Braid
But, if you want them to change the MC hair to anything they want it to be
I prefer if you use Dara.amarie templates :blush:
Hope this helped :blob_hearts:

Thankyou so much. :smile: Do you know where to find her templates?

I think here or just go to google and search: Dara.amarie’s templates you’ll find them there :blob_hearts:

Ok, thankyou. This helped a lot :innocent: :laughing:

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My pleasure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: