Does anyone know who these background pictures belong to?

I have been searching and searching. and It gives me different names. I would like to know who made them so I can give credit. Would like to use them in my story.

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where did u find these backgrounds?

Google, under hidden backgrounds.
But if I don’t find who they belong to then I can not use them.
Since I don’t want anyone saying I am not giving credit.


im not sure if the authors name is on this list but check all of them just to see if any of these have those backgrounds so u can credit.



if none have it, let me know so i can search for you.

ok I will check now.

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this is what comes out, but they’re both on both pictures.

It took me to pinterest So I really don’t know if they made it or just saved it or just used it. :hot_face:

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hm…well im not sure why its on pinterest. hm.

does the photos have the username who uploaded the backgrounds.

if it does, check that username on instagram.

no the first one saids Yuna but it said pin from Yuna than it said Saved from Yuna the other I clicked there is no name and another one it said pin by mimi manna

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check those 2 names and see if their on Instagram.

ok I will check now.

I can’t find them.

check the names on the picture what i send.

I did.

the picture what i send, not the picture what u send. lol

if it is a hidden background, and the cant find the author who did it, then dont use it.