Does anyone knows any good stories?


These days I can’t find any good story.


Hahahahha I read a lot and I have a story I made as well called: SIMulation you could try that if you’d like.




Have you read?

  1. Rebounding with Bad
  2. In a heartbeat
  3. Complicated
  4. The special wolf (Short episodes)
  5. Ice queen
  6. Stealing star boyfriend (LL)
  7. Bad for my heart
  8. Loving the lost Boy


I have read mostly all of them!


I have some of them, thanks for helping!


Yasssssss they’re so good. I have another batch if yall want to see those to.


Hahaha of course


WHY NOT??:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Thanks for your ideas!


No problemo I need to catch up on reading as well and pull from the forums :joy::joy:


Now I have plenty stories to read.


Hahahhaahha thank you! I love all the stories I’ve read as well.