Does anyone knows something about budgies?

I’ve bought two budgies about 7 weeks ago, both of them are already used to their cage, food and where to find sth to drink. Also they’re already used to my room, when they’re fling around outside their cage, and they both can sit on my hand and shoulder.
But for 3 days now one of them started biting me as soon as it’s getting a little darker (not completely dark, like after the sunset). Is he doing this because he can’t see that good at darker light? Or because of something else?

Can someone please help me?

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I had one for 10 years when I was kid . I never experienced something that would hint they see bad at night…or better say if it never leaded to biting.

Sometimes biting is a game for them - mine loved to “clean” my dad hairs than slowly getting to his ear bite him and with loud noises fly away. Like if he was laughing. He did this only to my dad and I really think he was doing it just for the fun of it. :)) They are playfull and can find out games - this was one of his.

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