Does anyone like bts? ♥


Why are your posts flagged? I think V is the best singer. <3


Oh, Me too but I still like jhope lol


I think J-Hope is the best dancer. Suga is the best rapper. V is the best singer.

J-Hope is my favorite member because he’s always so happy. He is our hope. Our sunshine. XDXD


Yeeeesssss I totally agree on this. He’s also my bias lol


OMG!! Hieeeeeeeeee fellow A.R.M.Y’s !!!Gald to meet y’all !! :heart: btw my bias is JIMIN :heart::kissing_heart:


I recently stumbled across IDOL and I love it. I’m listening to other songs as well, I really like their voices! I don’t know a lot of things about the members though :sweat_smile:


Ever since they unfollowed pewdiepie i hate them