Does anyone like gaming? 🎮

Is anyone interested in video games? :video_game:

  • Fortnite :nerd_face:
  • Rainbow Six Seige :grin:
  • Warzone :firecracker:
  • Warzone
  • RSS
  • Fortnite
  • Fall Guys
  • Minecraft

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I love video games

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what do you like playing :grin: :thinking:

Fortnite and so many games

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i surprisingly never played.

hehe fortnite is my favourite ngl…

I love video games but I mainly play paladins (Which isn’t listed on here r.i.p :skull:) but i play minecraft from time to time

Paladins? I have played that a few times, is minecraft good? it’s really popular

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Have you never played it? :thinking:

And yeah it’s a fun game, I beat the ender dragon once :sunglasses:

I have never played, it looks really fun but i heard that people take HOURS to like complete a game or something…

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That’s crazy! And it took me like 4 days to finish the game and each day I was spending maybe 4 hours on it lmao :joy:

You should try it!

I should, where can you get it?

love videos games. dont play any you mention

what do you play?

I love all kinds of videogames, but I hate Fortnite. I played MC, but nowadays I play Fallout New Vegas, The Sims 4, Civ. 6, TWD (Telltale) and FF XIII.

haha, i just love shooting games and they sound really cool! what are they all about.

I played Persona 5 (my favorite game tbh), Identity V, PUBG, The Sims 4 (I don’t play it anymore for no reason lol) and more :new_moon_with_face:

simulations games and nintendo mostly. and some indie games

Fallout games are in a world where the nuke hit. Each game has different story and takes place in a different place. New Vegas takes place in a Mojave desert. Sims is a simulation game, in Civilization 6 you lead people. Conquer, evolve and things like that :smiley: The Walking Dead is a great story game by telltale has 4 seasons+ Michone. And Final Fantasy XIII :thinking: Can’t really describe it but it’s awesome. Search for FF XIII The Promise :wink: It’s a beautiful song.

Wow!! they all sound so cool, i might have to try some of them games