Does anyone like this type of Plot?

Does anyone think this plot for a story is good?
Typical popular girl falls for nerd/smart guy (or girl) , but her best friend is also after him too?
Something like that?

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no not really

I don’t like the fact that she’s
“Typical”. I hate Mary Sue characters, mean girls, bad boys, nerds, etc. If she had a more in depth character and had a normal personality, it would be better. Her friend should be nice as well. Don’t paint her as a villain simply because she likes the same boy.

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Ok, thanks for your opinion. By the way, I was planning for her friend to be nice though. Could you give me a similar but better idea?

Well those kind of characters are not really mary sues

In my opinion, I think the characters are kinda cliche like popular guys and nerd girls, only its a gender swap for a change.

I actually quite like the plot and I think I think making the friend painted out as the villain in the point of view would be quite interesting. Like maybe there has always been a bit of jealousy in the friendship and the boy they are both interested in just added fuel to the flame

Oh my gosh, you’re idea actually developed the plot. Thanks a lot, I’m gonna use that as part of my story! Please tell me if you’ve got anymore great ideas (really appreciate it!)

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Well maybe at the very end you have a episode in the friends shoes flipping all the previous events on their head where now instead of seeing the best friend as the villain you see the mc as one

If you want I can PM the rest of my ideas

Yes, please do!

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Wait, as in they slowly become enemies until the end?

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Yeah like in the very first episode you might portray them as friends but as the story goes on you see the cracked friendship truly show

It’s very cliché and not my thing. There’s simply no originality in this plot.

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As a writer inside and outside of Episode I will say this plot is cliche.

No offense. I read previous comments regarding the “Mary Sue” idea and they’re right. Give your character some flaws and make that plotline more fictional. To avoid cliches just avoid plots and scenarios that are likely to happen in real life. Typically adventure, mystery, fantasy, and science fiction stories are the way to go. Episode doesn’t have many of those and they stand out. I recommend watching a lot of movies and reading books, you’ll be inspired in a none cliche way (avoid cliche teen flix and romance novels!)

I appreciate your opinion and honest thoughts. What I would like to do is use these type of characters for mostly character development in the story. Plus, I’ve also read many books but most of them are just as cliche.

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So you’re saying clichés are like reality? Wouldn’t it be smarter to write things that would actually happen irl?

The idea is things that happen commonly in reality is something people are already exposed to and not surprised by the idea. A nerd dating a popular person etc is common. No offense to anyone but I doubt someone would want to read something that commonly happens/happened at their school.


Stories with mafia bosses and such could POSSIBLY happen but they’re not common in real life and are romanticized. Real life mafia bosses aren’t these handsome hunks in real life. Stories like that are cliche but people still read them because they want to read something they likely will never experience in their lifetime.


From my school experiences, I do see a few things like this but only involves mostly with the “popular” groups-