Does anyone like vampire stories anymore?

I’ve been working on a vampire story for a while and I was wondering what are everyone’s favorite tropes, or things you’d like to see in a vampire story that isn’t done often? I wanna do something a little different than the ones I see on the app.

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  • Actual healthy romance
  • Comedy
  • Addressing 100+ year age gaps

My werewolf story has vampires as well and addresses stuff like “racism” between the two and why they hate each other in the first place. Also my story has no inner wolf or claiming someone without consent.

Omg, yes! The age gaps and healthy romances are two things I’m focusing on. I read so many stories where the relationships are toxic, like painfully so and no one ever seems to freak out about the age gaps with like a 500 year old vamp!

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I’ve actually barely ever interacted with vampire content, but I know enough to know that the emotional maturity and mental age of a 200 year old in a 20 year old’s body is not the same as the emotional maturity and mental age of a 20 year old.

Also, check out @amandajustvibin on TikTok and YouTube.

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To be honest, vampire stories are a no for me. It’s always the girl secretly being a witch always some wolf boy being against the vampire who fight over the mc. Booooring. If you do write one, make sure the plot is unique and isn’t the same as the rest. And please don’t use twilight as inspiration god no (the movies are good but the second hand embarrassment…)
A lot of people do vampire stories at school or in some mafia place, so using a different type of background or environment would make me interested.
Don’t make the LI like the rest of them- every girl wants to be bitten by him, acts depressed, cocky and rude… no.
Also the vampire li being like 300 years old while the mc is 16 is a big no aswell.
And idk why I just hate when the whole story is based on humans vs vampires and some kingdom shit, and how vampires and humans hate each other bla bla bla

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My favorite show is The Vampire Diaries so I personally love vampire stories :smile:


I love vampire stories, and I have no problem with the hundreds of years age gap… if the human was turned into a vampire at 20yrs okd, he/she will still look 20 yrs old,… this is fantasy, it’s not real life …
vampires don’t exist.
I’m sick of them being all fluffy and lovey dovey in stories, they are not meant to be kind, they drink human blood, they compel people. .
But stories on the app aren’t written like a true vampire would be.
Buffy and angel had huge age gap, he was turned at 24yrs old and was 241 when he met buffy, and she was 16 when the series first started .
So I find it rare the ones written on the app these days are worth reading.
Forever midnight is the only authentic one I’m reading on the app right now.
High school blood lust was one of the first on app I enjoyed, the vampire was 700 , mc was 18… there was nothing creepy or wrong, it’s the way the relationship is written that matters.

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I haven’t read too many stories with the kingdom thing, but I have come across it. I never got it though :thinking: :woman_shrugging:

Well, mine does have Vampires but the LIs are only recently turned like a couple of months ago. No creepy age gaps here :sweat_smile:
But there will be older ones aswell but its more of a found family trope/coven than anything else, really.

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