Does anyone make free cover art?

Hi everyone :smiley: I wanted to know if anyone here makes cover art? Proper credit will be given :heart: And in case you want me to go to an art shop or a thread, I won’t. I don’t want to go to a busy thread where I’ll probably get ignored. If you’re interested in making a cover for me, send me an example of your work and I’ll let you know if I like it. I’ve tried to ask for a cover in multiple places, but so far none of them have responded. I hope you’re OK with me asking for covers in other places!

~What I like and don’t like about covers~

  1. I DON’T like covers that have arial or sans serif fonts.
  2. I DON’T like covers that have big strokes on the letters.
  3. I DON’T like covers that use solid colors to fill the text.
  4. I DO like covers that have brush fonts and brush strokes.
  5. I DO like covers that have a watercolor or paint effect.
  6. I DO like covers with filters.
  7. I DO like covers with burst accents or just any kind of accents.
  8. I DON’T like covers that are bad quality or blurry.
    That should be about it!
    Thank you :slight_smile:

Sorry. But I am a member of the first one I mentioned and I doubt you’d be ignored but again sorry. :blush:

It’s fine :smile:

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I can make one for you but I doubt you’d like it (according to the covers you like and don’t like).

Can you send me an example of your work? You never know, maybe I’ll like it.

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I can’t send it at the moment because I’m on my phone and I usually work on my computer but I’ll see if I can find something that I gave to someone.

No need to rush it, I can wait

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I found one it’s like the only decent one I have on my phone if you don’t like it I understand. :blush:.
It’s not that good because it was an example of what I was going to draw but never finished.

In here

It’s really nice! However, I don’t think its the one for me. I hope you understand :sweat:

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@darryl_daddy does great covers arts but you must be able to wait a while.

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What kind of cover are you looking for? Like what poses for the characters bc I’ll send examples in a minute I just want to know what I’ll get myself into :blush:

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I can always do different fonts if you’d like. This is the style of art I do. So I can do anything in these ranges.
Also is this story published yet? Because I know I’ve made covers for unpublished stories and they never ended up publishing and I wasted my time. Anyway, Thanks for your consideration!

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I love them! I can send you the character details in a sec. BTW can you leave out the text? I can add it myself (or at least I’ll try haha) Could you make a large cover?
The things you wanted to know:

  • No, my story isn’t published yet, but I can guarantee you it will be!

Yeah I can leave out the text! And I can make a large cover!! It will just probably take a few days- a week depending on what you would like done

I don’t really know when I’ll publish it, but let’s say approximately a few weeks from now? So you can take your time. And can you do limelight as well? If you can’t it’s fine.

Oh sorry, I absolutely suck at limelight.

It’s fine. My story is ink anyways, just asking :smile:

Ok good!! Yeah I’ve tried limelight and I suck at it lol

It might take a bit longer to get the character details, can you wait?

Of course I understand. I hope you find what you are looking for. :blush:

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