Does anyone make YouTube trailers for stories? I'm willing to pay


Hello! So I am wanting a trailer for my upcoming story called The Donation before I post it so I can show others my story. I’ve thought very hard and paid for many art scenes to make this story perfect, so I feel a trailer will get people to want to read it.

If you know anyone or you yourself make YouTube/Instagram trailers, please let me know. I’m willing to negotiate a price and pay you via PayPal for your services.

Here is an example of what I think a trailer is:


Actually I do make lyrics videoes but maybe I can do this!


Okay :heart: What’s your price?


Actually I never did it and am not sure if I could do it correctly am willing to try! and if u r still interested price is upto u no pressure…But first lemme try!


Alrighty! Let me know


In case @Aawishkrita_Bhakat can’t do it, if anyone else could that’d be great


So if u can send me details in pm am willing to try!