Does anyone need a co-writer [CLOSED]


If you need a co-writer just let me know I mostly write in INK though, sorry if that bothers you I work with zooms, grammar, overlays, and spotting. As well as making covers and splashes. I can also help with coming up with creative ideas and coding altogether :slight_smile:


are you good at coding?


Yes, I can help with that


I would actually like a partner or somebody good at coding and editing. I also need someone who is good at splashes so working with you should be great! :smile:


Okay, I would love to help!


It would be amazing if you could help me with zooms ,overlays and etc… once i finish the first chapters would you help me ? :grin:


Um are you still doing this, because I need a Co-Writer. You might be busy, so…


I’m looking for a co writer as well, I could help you.


@Jeremy Can you close this thread please?