Does Anyone Need a Coder for Their Story? (I found some one (: )

Hi! I want to work on a project but I’m not a great writer :sweat_smile: . But I like to think I am a great coder! If anyone has a story and they can’t code, feel free to PM me :upside_down_face::smiling_face_with_three_hearts: !


Hi I am working on a plot for a story but am an awful coder! PM if your still interested in helping!

I pm’d you!

Yes! I have the whole story ready but I need someone to code it. Can even support your work. PM me if you can cuz I am still new and can’t figure out how to PM anyone.


Hello, I’m in a need of a writer for my Story. A.S.A.P ! The Story is not finished yet! But I dont have the Time and the expirience to write the story on my own… So I am looking for someone who wants to write the story for me… of course you get credits. I’m also looking for some Artist for the special scenes. If you’re interested than DM me or write me on IG : @roseofgold_episode . Thanks

Sorry! I’m currently working on a project! I hope you find someone soon :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Can you help me with coding