Does anyone need a coder? (free)

I’m seeing all the time people asking for someone to code their stories, and i’m good at coding, and since i dont need money, im doing this for free, but pls credit me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Lets connect! I am really bad at coding & I have so many idea for stories but I just can’t code.

So if you want we can collab?

yes we can, talk to me on my email ( im portuguese btw, so pls dont use “expensive words” :joy: :joy:

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Haha sure

Are you on Instagram?

Hey! Can you help me code my story? :smiley:

Hi, i’m looking for a partner. I have story idea’s too, but it can be a lot of work for one person, so if you want we can work together.

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Sure, dm me on my insta @taneesha.writes

sorry, i dont want to expose to anyone my ig, but is there a problem talking on the gmail?
i can create a episode ig if you want to talk there

yes i can, explain to me your story on my gmail ( just tell me your story ideas, and if i like it i can help you. :heart:

Hey! I have e-mailed you. Let me know what you think

Sure that would be easier so

Howdy i really do need a coder i am kind on new on coding. I am currently writing an apocalypses story right now would love to work together. IG: @Midnight_writer23

@Ash_Jas is looking for a coder.

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Hey ty for tagging. I will email them later on :grin:

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Hey i really wanted a coder my lap is acting weird so thats why :pleading_face:

Same case with me . I wanna write a story but each time i forget

Are you still taking request for coding of yes can you please take mine
If you want storyline then I will be happy to share with you :blush:

Are you still helping as coder?
I will give full credit of your work and If we get more and more reads then we shall consider about patnerships in payment.
If you are down for that?