Does anyone need a coder?

I have seen a lot of topic of people trying to find a coder. So I thought I could help someone code since I am pretty good at the coding. I can also make you splashes for your story(s). So…If you need a coder here I am pm me and reply.

Here are some of my splashes:


Screenshot 2021-03-04 093011

They mite look blurry on here but they are clear


Hi, I really need a coder! can you help me?

Where can I contact you?

Well I don’t really have any socials so we would have to continue on here.

Don’t you have instagram or something?

I do but its a personal one.

Then, what can we do?

@Sydney_H please close this topic. Thx :slightly_smiling_face:

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hii can you help me with this I can’t seem to find the issue

Are you trying to pan to a different zone?

yes but like with tappable overlays, not like @pan to zone blah blah but like in a mini game so that the reader can pan the zone wherever they want

ohh I see what you mean

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well everything works fine only i cannot pan the screen however I want

Closed by OP request. :smiley: