Does anyone need a personal artist?

I have been working on here for about a year now and I want to work on the art for a story with someone. Not just one cover or one splash but instead I be your only artist. I could also help to proof read your story as English is my first language (and only one). I am working on art scenes lately but they still need work I have done covers a thousand times over and can do background changes, splashes, overlays, custom poses, really anything you need. If anyone is interested please check out my examples and fill out the form below.


SQWA image|281x500


What are you looking for in a personal artist:
What is your story about:
How dedicated are you:
How long does it take for you to finish an episode:
How good are you at coding your story:
How many completed episodes have you made for your story:


The character on the motorbike is FIREEEEEEEEEEE! :heart_eyes::grin:

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Thank you!

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Oh my gosh! Could I request a motorcycle overlay?

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My Instagram is @amealia.episode If you could message me there it would be fine

Yah but that took about a week just so you know what your getting into.