Does anyone need an outfit/person maker or spell checker


Hi I was just wondering whoever anyone needed an outfit or character maker or a spell checker


Could you make me a random ink character please? :thinking:


Yes do you want a certain type of personality


No, lol. :sweat_smile:
I need a character to edit on. I just can’t get to my computer to make one right now.


Yes sure gve me a sec do you want me to write down the features or just send a picture in an outfit


Nevermind. :sweat_smile:
I’ll find some inspiration on pinterest.
Sorry about that.


OK I’ve made it if you still want it


can you make me two limelight characters one guy one girl
personality doesn’t really matter


Ok any outfit prefered


Ok I’m done do you want me to send the details or just picture


Just ask if you need the details


can you send the details as well


Ye sure


Eyes- female generic blue
Eye brows- black arched neutral
Face- diamond rose 03
Lips- full heart pouty pink beige
Nose- round button upturned
Hair- long feathered dirty blonde


Face- rose 03 diamond soft
Eyebrows- straight medium black
Hair- short messy curls dirty blonde
Eyes- blue male deep sunken
Lips- neutral colour full heart natural
Nose-round wide


Do y want outfit details


sure and thank you soo much I’ll mention you send me the @ you want to be mentioned at


That’s ok I’m a bit busy so can I send the outfit details tomoz