Does anyone need any type of art?


Does anyone need any type of art? Art scenes, overlays, backgrounds, background edits, character edits, cover photos, or splashes? Me and my group would love to help just let me know!! :slightly_smiling_face::blue_heart:



I definitely need some Art scenes :slight_smile:
Do you have any examples?


I have more :slightly_smiling_face:


are you a part of epy gold?


Yes :blush:


I think I may have already requested something but I can’t quite remember :sweat_smile:


I just looked at your thread and I did lol.


Are you still doing covers? I rlly need one for my new story! <3 @Teahwalker


Yes I am and I would love to help :blush:


I am dead thakfull <3! what do you need for the cover?


You can pm