Does anyone need art? (OPEN)

Hiya, I can do some art for you guys. I can do things like covers, things for sound, ect.

If your interested let me know.

Also, if you want to see some that I’ve done

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Examples please?

Can I see examples? :slightly_smiling_face: love your PFP byw

Yeah! It’s really cool! Did @Hialexhi do it :slight_smile:? (The pfp)


That’s the only one I’ve done so far

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@Miss_Moonlight there’s my example

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Oh wow I what to request from u soon,

Ok cool.

Thank you

If you need art, I can help. Just let me know and I’ll be right there.

I can do character customizing, splashes, background ect…


Do you do art scenes? :slight_smile:

I can do yes.

Do you have examples??? I’d love to discuss further in detail in PM if that’s okay?

And you do drawn or ONLY edits? I prefer handdrawn/digital art or whatever, not just edits.

ok. I’m currently doing a character edit and so far it looks like this

If this is what you want I can do it for you but I’m not great at drawn.

Hiya, if you need character edits let me know.

My example.

PM me If you want me to make you some.

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What do you use to make them?

I use Paint

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Maybe try using ibis paint x i have a few youtube videos :grin: