Does anyone need art? (OPEN)

Yeah I’ve tried that

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Could you give some vid to me as wellI I want to improve as much as I can

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Hiya, I have created this so you will know what is happening with your art.

Currently in progress

Hope this is ok. If you have any questions about the art I am doing for you comment down below and I’ll relpy asap.


Thank you :grinning:

Hiya, I can do art for you if you need some. Let me know down below or PM me. I can do most things but if you need me to show you some art that’s fine. Also, I am quite busy but when I get the chance I can do your art. If this is too inconvenient for you then don’t bother replying to this post.

Examples please

Yes of course. I will send them in the morning where I live as I’m just about to go to sleep. But I will send them

Ok will do. Thank you.

Hiya I have examples for you guys

This was for someone I have done previously

One I did for fun

Let me know if you still need my assistance

Thats fine dw about it. :grin:

I don’t need any art. Thank you though

Ok thank you for letting me know

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I also found someone who’s currently helping me, thank you for your time.

No problem

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