Does anyone need covers, backgrounds, or anything of the like?


If anyone needs a covers, backgrounds, or anything similar comment below. I have some of my edits on my preivious post. :blush:


Hey I need a cover for a story I’m writing called Ocean Eyes can you help please


Yes I can.
Details of the charchters and outfits.
Unless you have a screenshot
What kind of pose and background?


Somewhat related but have you heard “Ocean Eyes” by Billie Eilish? Love it! :heart:


I need a cover for my story :two_hearts: I’m still working out stuff with my characters and story but once I get it figured out I’ll give you details of the characters and my ideas :bulb: by any chance do you have any of your artwork you’ve done .? Just so I can see some of your work


The link is to a few I made
Here is my newest one :blush:
Fill this out when you need it done :arrow_down:


Hey, @Teahwalker!

I really need a background changed from day to night. Would you be able to do that?


I can try :blush:


Ahh, thank you. Can you change INT. THRONE ROOM - DAY to night?


HI can u make covers and backgrounds for me
I need covers for two stories and a tenni’s court background if u have one please thank u


Does this look good?


The thing is that this is just looking dark. What I really wanted was for the white part of those windows to made black, and the throne room to look lit. Let me know if that’s too difficult to do.


Ill work on it in the morning :grin:


Sure, thank you!


Like this?


YES! Thank you so much, it’s perfect! :heart_eyes:


Hi! Can you please make a large & small cover for me please?
The name of the story is Demetre
Description: Demetre’s been in and out of juvie far too many times. What happens when she crosses paths with Nate at St. Amelia’s school for troubled youth? For the small cover can you just write the name & for the big I will give deets about the characters.
Background for small cover: Here too