Does anyone need help for writing a story I can be a second author for whom need it

Hi, feel free to answer this topic if you need any help for writing your story more for begginers but if you are not you can have my help too.
If you want to contact me after telling me you want my help do it on @lslynn.writes on ig :hugs:
But tell me there before.


i want your help my story is basically a romance, comedy, drama things. its about a girl who is a hopeless romantic and when she continuously gets used she decides to save herself up for marriage when she meets her one boyfriend who is willing to wait for marriage for her but they families who are from different areas (the girls family being rich and the boys being poor) need to learn to live with each other despite their differences where the MC learns new secrets from her family and new secrets from her fiance.

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Do you have an episode instagram?

not yet im creating one tho ill follow you later

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I may need a writing partner mine is called The Princess Wants a Wife I am a beginner writer mine is about a girl who meets a girl at school then they become really close and she see her friends and gets but bullied. It a long story the girl gets nervous and runs off crying the story starts of a little bit like remake of lesbian then but I put It in my own words most of it then, It goes from 17 I start my story to continue on from lesbian please help

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I could use a co-author, I’m writing a slowburn romance with some comedy action and drama and I could use someone else’s ideas and coding!


my insta is kehlani.writes with the same profile pic I have rn

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DM me on insta

DM me on instagram

@Sydney_H You can close this please I will only help them :hugs:

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When I typed in your username it said user not found…my account is @aaepisode

Okay :slight_smile:

what is your instagram I couldn’t find you


@Nick You can close this please :grin:

I need help please to write my story

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