Does anyone need help writing a story? <3


Does anyone need any help writing a story? I would love to help you.


yes please! could u please see the script forum I posted?




tysm :v:t4:


From our script I can tell there are some but I can’t fix them physically


oh ok idk what i did wrong lol


*your I meant lol. but to help you you can check basic or advanced directing. they help a lot


ok :slight_smile: tysm


Um can you help me I’m starting a story I kinda know all the basics but I don’t know how to change the persons hair during tin the middle of the game


So just do this:
@character changes hair into (then hairstyle name)




Hi! I would like some help adding some more to the first episode of my story. I don’t want to give too much away but it feels really short. Could you possibly give some feedback?


omg i really need help lmao. I’m REALLY struggling here. if you’re up for it i would appreciate it but if i understand if you have too much on your plate. :slight_smile:


if you still want to help, I’d really like some (but I get there’s lots of comments here). I just keep messing up the coding/ I’m not sure if my episodes are going to be interesting enough


Let me hear your issues


How can I help?


I’m stuck I know my story and plot but I have no idea where to start I got two ideas but I’m not sure which is better?
I was thinking of opening to the MC on the day of her wedding crying and arguing with someone off screen. Then the story showing the journey on what led to that moment.
Or just showing the start of the story without that first bit.


My episode starts with the first option.
I think personally it’s interesting.


I could help you if you tell me more about what is happening in the first chapter and I could give you ideas to enlargen it.


MC is in her wedding dress crying and arguing with someone off screen she tell him to leave as she sobbing the next scene shows 2 years ago at a fancy party she with her best friend both very bored until MC runs into a old friend of hers (main love interest).