Does anyone need help writing. im very good {CLOSED}

Hello, im hear to help you guys succeed in your writing. I can help 3 people write there story if anyone is looking for an extra set of hands. im sorta good a coding, i edit and do overlays. i can try to do whatever you guys need help with. im free all summer


Hi, I need helping coding a flashback scene in my story and the coding is advanced. I’m not quite there yet, so would you be willing to help me? let me know. Thanks xxx

sure im willing to help

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Omg, great thank you so much!!
Do you want to talk on here or on Instagram? it doesn’t really matter to me x


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Okay sure. x

I think I followed you. My Instagram is epy.neha

Hi I’m a new author and I need help with coding
If your willing to help please add me on insta
@Epi.caro_ thank you!

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hello I am Kiera new too episodes and was wondering if you can help me code I am making a story life’s road it’s a story about parts of my life and mental health and I came across this and I could really use help with coding I already have people helping me with overlays and backgrounds and art to but I really need for this story is someone how can write and yours drew me in so I hope you back to me have a good day and I don’t insta nor snap I got ride of them for reasons but I am in HS and I don’t have money but you will of course get credit i am but again have a great day :smiley:

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Hey, I’m Tia and I’m a new author, I would like if you help me

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Sure im willing to help you, ummm what would be ur best way for me to help you with your coding?

Ok sure i can help you. What do you need my help with? writing or coding or both?

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Actually, both
Could you dm me on my IG account or could you give me your IG account :blush::heart:?


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OK, thx :heart_eyes:

I am new to this
I really need help I honestly have no idea what I’m doing wrong when it says ‘Error’ and it would mean a lot to have some tips/help

can u show me screenshots please

what is ur name on instag

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ok do u have instagram