Does anyone need help writing. im very good {CLOSED}


I need help learning how to code smoothly like writing the story and choice and stuff like that if anyone can help . I have the story line planned out and that kind of stuff as well as some clothing ideas it is just the coding part that I don’t know how to do and need help on .

If you want I can do the coding part for you but I won’t be able to help u learn

Honestly I rather learn how to do it so I can make more stories and not have to find someone to do it for me . And you sure you can’t teach me how to code ?

You can learn from youtube there’s a channel named Joseph Evans

Ok thank you , I’ll have to check that out . By any chance do you have discord or an email just in case I do take up on your offer to code for me in case I still don’t understand how to code ?

you can dm me on IG @ _crystal_episode

I don’t have Instagram , snap nor tiktok I do have discord and ofc email if you have either of those .

discord shrutiii#4908

ok I am going to send you a friend request . Mine is Catniss#3079 btw

i can help you :grinning: