Does anyone need magazine covers for their story?


Anyone need any?
Happy to help


I am


You want me to make you one


If you can yes please. :+1:t2:


Sure send me details


ok. I the title ‘Wedding Of The Century’ with this character.

If there could be a paragraph saying like ‘Prince James has been betrothed to Princess Georgia. The Wedding is Sunday 21st October 2431. Will this kingdom get new royalty or will it all fail like the last couple’ If you could do this that would be great.


I will send you it when it is done


Thank You.


Do you want any backgrounds on it?


Yes if you could use this one:

That would be great





Thank You. Do I tagr you @Episode.Cameronwrite


Yes or Episode Cam

If you need anything changing just say
If you want anything else just ask :smile:


Thank You and will do. :grin: