Does anyone play Roblox...?

Ah, okay okay, I know that game seems like a MEME, but it’s actually good. I know a lot of kids play it and this community is filled with people generally 11-30+ years old. I’m 14 years old, and I play Roblox every day because I find it to be a good game.

I created a new account March 28th, but I had Roblox since 2017. My username is SpecialPr0Gam3r, if you have Roblox, you should add me! :slight_smile:

Since this topic is about Roblox, and I mentioned memes, here’s one:


I play roblox too and I am 15 don’t come for me :joy:

Nope lol, I don’t play Roblox, I know I feel like I’m in the minority :sob:

That’s the same like my brother. I then call him childish or tell him to get a life for playing it and then he calls me childish or tells me to get a life for using and writing on episode. I mean it’s 100% my fault but still how dare he lol


Omg stop I know, but to be fair I only really play with my one friend because she is obsessed with it and it’s hilarious to play with her since she gets so into it :joy:


I get into it too. ;-;

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And after two years, I still am.

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I play roblox my name is ozrrealgamer_YT and I have one on my step mom phone it is ozrrealganer6

Reze me

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I play it and I am 14 too

hahaha, you know mine @BrillzGirl

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I play it once in a blue moon and I’m 16 :joy:

Haven’t played it in years but my name is Gr8dancer3

i play roblox in my free time, but only play types of games that are suitable for me. tf, suitable, idk, more like, what i prefer in my opinion. anyone wanna ya know, play with this hooman right here?

Username: GreenJJ_123



Right here. :raised_back_of_hand:t5:

lmao xD

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No but my brother told me I should get lol

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