Does anyone remember this classic story from years ago?


So when I first downloaded Episode years ago, there was an option between two stories, Real Hollywood and another. I don’t remember the name or most of the plot, but it was set in a school and there was a big secret. The school had secret rooms and passage ways I think, and I can’t find it anywhere. Does anyone at all remember this story and the name of it? It’s really annoying me!!!


The Black Rose Academy ?


I dont think so


You suuuuuuure ?


Campus Crush ?


Spellbound? It was a magic school.


I honestly don’t know haha, but it doesn’t ring a bell


Do you remember anything else ?


No, I’ve looked that one up and nothing is coming up


I don’t, just that it was classic style and what I’ve already said. Ugh this is so annoying lmao!


Oops, I forgot it’s actually called Soulbound


We’re detective now.
We have to find the answer.


:joy: I think it’s Soulbound by Joseph Evans


Was there magic in the school ?
Kidnapping ?
Girl with glasses and Red hair ?


I agree


I think you might be right, I’m gonna read it now to see if it is


What was the one that took place in a boarding school with a secret society where you had to have green eyes to be part of? They all wore robes and one of the girls was pretended to have been murdered?

Does anyone know? :wink:


I think that’s the one I’m talking about! All of that rang a thousand bells!


Super Secret Cedar Hill!


OMG YES!!! Thank you!!