Does anyone remember where this overlay is from?

I can’t remember where / who these are from and I deleted them from my portal

They look similar to the ones on Catthegirl.Episode’s drive


I know @cxsey posted some on here for help with the overlays but doesn’t know where they got them from.


i checked those out and i’ll just use her phone overlays instead , thanks so much!

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that was how i was able to find a picture of those phones at all lol, thank you anyways!

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You’re welcome!

You’re welcome :blush:

hey! i just realized that catthegirl’s instagram doesn’t exist anymore? did she change her username? her requirements for using her overlays is to follow and credit her instagram

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I would suggest just keep crediting her as @catthegirl and if her instagram comes back whenever just follow her.


Yeah, Like Maddy said I would suggest just crediting her in your story, I don’t have insta so I just credit her :grin: