Does anyone’s Ibis paint lag?

Does anyone experience this or found a solution?


Mine doesn’t but I’ve heard if you have too many layers in a drawing it will start to lag


yes!!! I never found a solution :/,


When I try to use text it lags a lot. Not normally when I use the brushes, tools, and washers and such…


My problem is, I only have 13 layers and it still lags!?

Right? Do you still use it?

Lol, my problem is the opposite

I just realized it said “washers”.

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Sometimes the canvas size might be a little too large, how big is the canvas you’re using? :thinking::slightly_smiling_face:

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idk why but usually mine doesn’t lag too much but today, the lag is driving me crazy

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2000X2000 it isn’t big!

Maybe it’s happening to everyone?

I don’t think it’s big, but when I try and use that size it tells me my app will run slow

So what should I resize it to?

Maybe 1500x1500, it might work at 2000x2000 but you might have to reduce the layers

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Omg thank you so much! The lag is gone! :heart:

:joy: then when I went back on it started to lag again. Whyyyyy??? :tired_face:

Do you have any layers you could merge? Maybe you can move the size down to 1000x1000, only if it won’t ruin your though… :confused:

Ah, forgot to tell you. After I wrote that commet and went back on the app, it was fine. I don’t know what happened lol? But it worked so thank you!

Happy I could help :grin:

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