Does anyone still read classic?


I was wondering does anyone read classic stories on episode? :thinking: I do. :grin: If so, what are your favorite classic stories. If not, how do you feel about classic.


I feel like classic doesn’t have many animations n they have like not good expressions but a long time ago I read a classic called Human n I liked it


I love classic I have 2 of my stories in classic. I will always love classic. My fav classic story is The Prophecy.


Yes, I read classic : )
Some of my favs:
Fantastical: That Old Wicked Genie Magic by MidnightMaiden
The Curse of the Faux Hawk & the End of Innocence by Kim B-both very great classic stories!


well people rarely write in it so if i can find some classic stories i would read them


These are my stories in Classic.


I read them sometimes. Unfortunately, there are not too many stories on the app that are Classic. My first story is in the Classic version :slight_smile:


Same! Does anyone remember Campus Crush? I believe that was my first classic story I’ve read on episode.


I’ll be sure to check out your story. :slight_smile:


I used to love that story :slight_smile:




I do! I love classic! :heart: Classic will always be my favorite! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

The first stories I read are The Phoenix Prophecy, Soulbound, &The Ember Effect. :smiley:


My first story is in classic by the way :slight_smile:


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Yes, I still read Classic stories, as I do with all styles available.

I’ve got a lot of favorites; too many to list at once.

But if you know some good Classic stories or if you’re looking for some good ones, be sure to check out this thread below. I’m working on a huge collection of them so anything you provide to this thread will be very helpful and appreciated. :slight_smile:


Mostly, I don’t read classic. However, if it has a good story line, I will read it. I just wish Episode would continue building Classic… :’(