Does anyone think that limelight authors are kinder and less stuck up than Ink authors?


Obviously not all but this is a feeling I get! Does anyone else feel the same way?




What about the authors who write both? :rofl:


No… I believe that each person is different and has the capacity to be kind… However, certain people may be more passionate/touche about certain subjects.
You may have seen more Ink authors acting “stuck up” maybe because some are kind of hurt that they are no longer doing updates for the style. I honestly don’t care, but I can’t speak for the whole ink community.
But yes, ink and limelight authors can get passionate about their styles… But I wouldn’t call that being “stuck up”. No.
Why are you thinking that limelight authors are kinder and less “stuck up” than ink authors?


ALSO- You can’t judge someone on being “stuck up” over the internet! You have no idea who the person even is, and probably have never met them or seen them in real life! People can act a lot differently on the internet than they do in real life.


Why do you think Ink authors are stuck up?


I don’t get it. Please elaborate why you think that INK authors are stuck up? :thinking:


I dont get it either. Be more specific…


Because when I ask questions about their story to limelight authors they reply and they appreciate it and they’re really nice in answering my questions, the ink authors I’ve encountered treat my questions as a burden and they’re rude about it


Im not sure… im a merge of both as in I do Ink and LL in my story😂… but as to your question…really not sure because Ive never encounted it before.


when u realize everyone start typing when the creator of the tread responded…


Thatll be me hahahaha


Just because you had a bad encounter with people like that, doesn’t men you have to depict them all as that. It’s not really fair…:confused: I know you didn’t really mean all of them but next time, just say “some”.


If the author is being rude/disrespectful to yr question, just ignore them. You dont have to say anything.


Yeah I didn’t say all in my post. It’s just I get a feeling that limelight authors are more engaging with their readers. It’s just the vibes I feel from them ya know?


Yeah and so are Ink authors too. But if you think think, I kinda agree. Some of them are more engaging.


What :joy: :laughing:Hell naw, if anything LL authors get pissed thinking ink is coming back cause they got used to LL. And that’s still not true


But you can’t judge them just by that… You probably caught them on a bad day or something… But you can’t judge a person just on a nasty reply…


no I will judge people based on how they represent themselves on social media and to the world. Lol.


But again… you are saying that you are judging them based on replies you got…